The Longest Minute

Each minute on the clock has sixty seconds of time in space
One second is most precious to each in the human race.
A minute can be a lifetime extended by some needed care
Imagine that your are drowning and a lifeguard is nowhere.

Have you tried to hold your breath just for a short minute or less.
Did you notice how long it seemed even as you gave it your best?
Then think of what you could do with the time seemingly so short
A minute is too long to waste from a production of some sort.

To the coach that one long minute seems to come at the end of a game
That minute seems to last so long when winning and losing aren't the same.
We start each day with a minute and take it all so light.
But it is sad to lose any minute and think that it is all right.

Each minute with sixty seconds in it is a lifetime of opportunities and hope
It can a future destroy for a youngster by a fleeting experience with dope.
So think of how you spend each minute as it is passing by
Your very life depends on how you use it is the dominate reason why.
The longest minute of the day does not always come at the end.
It is the one you miss using and has gone fleeting in the wind.
By grace you may live a long life and success could be yours too
But the longest minute of it all will be when the evening tide fall on you.

by Reverend Dr. Elbert P. Green

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Very good poem! It reminds me of one of my poems, 'One Last Second', please read it. Oh and your name is seemingly familiar...