My Computer Mouse

I sat in front of my computer
and read the new Computer Tutor.
Inside my quiet little house
my cat was searching for a mouse.
I keep, it must be said, the house
extremely clean, so any mouse
whose reputation is intact
and who in hunting skill not lacked
would leave these premises of course
to look for a more likely source
of walking culinary treasures
with which to satisfy one's pleasure.
However, kitten was a Manx
born near the Ganges riverbanks,
they breed them there and feed them well
and hang around their necks a bell
which is designed to scare the prey
and teach the kittens repartee
in dealing with the hunger pangs
when empty stay the hunter's fangs.
Well, while I read the latest stuff
(one never really gets enough)
of internet and Google mind you,
the cat, who likes to sit behind you,
had noticed now my drooping eyes
which happens to some tired guys.
I noddded off and caught some winks
while dreaming of those special links
when CAT inside my silent house,
devoured my computer mouse.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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Very good poem! It reminds me of one of my poems, 'One Last Second', please read it. Oh and your name is seemingly familiar...