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The Looking Glass
JWV ( / Huntington, IN, USA)

The Looking Glass

Poem By Jacob W. Van Wyk

With sleepy eyes I looked in to the
looking glass and could barely see
a stranger looking back at me.
With no brow hair in place
only a rim of gray hair to brim his face.
Father time has put a roadmap
upon his face a hollow here and
there and his are just a stare. Putting on my glasses I can
clearly see it is a reflection of
its real me. Father time has taken it's toll.
Where the time went I do not know.
What hair I have is white as
snow, my walk is very slow.
Father time will do that to you too. Some day you will see that
stranger looking back at you.
I looked into that same looking
glass many years ago, there was
no strange to be found.
My hair was sandy brown and
waves all around. When I was young there words
were true as gold.
But it is plain to see I have
grown old. My children no longer young
have grown straight and tall.
Now I can truly say
Thank You Lord it has
been worth it all

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