SPL ( / Jersey City, New Jersey)

The Lord Is My Shepherd...

Our Father wherever Thou be
open mine eyes so that I may see

A stronger prayer nowhere to be found
help keep my family out of the ground

Lead us into that eternal peace
when death knocks on my door, eternal sleep

The bind that bound us is threatened still
help keep it bound, let it be your will

A family of strength we came this far
if we have to depart let it be near your star

When I drop to my knees, my head bowed low
this comes to mind, "you reap what you sow"

Imminent danger lurking at our door
the burden is heavy, How much more?

My faith won't wither, my head held high
my eyes look upward, "paradise in the sky"

My burden gets light, the way is clear
The Lord is my shepherd, whom shall I fear?

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