The Lord Is My Shepherd

The Lord is my Shepherd: His word is a comfort to my soul.
and to my spirit, it imputes peace and rest. My heart and mind_ He guides with care; and lifts my spirit
from despairs.
When I am betrayed and persecuted, and desires to retaliate...
Remembrance, of his holy word, adduce my spirit to reconciliate.
For God is righteous and loving' in His' commitments,
and commands us to forgive. When distressed or burdened with tears, he is there to aid
me and my sighs, he hears.
My daily needs he prepares; and my trials and tribulations,
willingly, he shares. As I travel far and near: Malice, dangers, an rivalry,
I do not fear: because I know my God' is real. Jesus says, "I will never leave you alone"...
So, In him I put my trust and faith- and feels secure from harm. The Lord is my Shepherd- My soul He keeps" from all life's
overwhelming defeats...
He guides me, provides for me, because he loves me so...
He teaches me and protects me, from Satan' snares and woes...
That in my life occurs... " I am blessed and happy!
For I know'..."The Lord is my Shepherd".

by Alma D. Dargan

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