A Heat–crazed Banshee

Gave free rein to blind, irrational,
overwhelming anger and frustration,
it was too hot and just as I jumped
into the pool, Tiaan appeared like an
avenging angel – Mom, I have to be
at my friend’s in half an hour – just as
he did yesterday – I got out in a helpless
rage, the heat of my dry clothes driving
me insane; couldn’t find sunglasses to
face the sun’s glare; shouting, hurting
in a temper as I searched everywhere;
finally drove him off, so angry my head
hurt; couldn’t cool down for a long time
afterwards – why can’t he remind me in
time of his appointments, give me time
to prepare to be there as a loving mother
instead of a screaming, heat-crazed banshee?

by Margaret Alice

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