CER (27th March 1990 / Singapore)

The Lord My God

I shall sleep soundly in my sorrows,
I shall walk with courage in my darkest fears,
For the Lord my God is with me.
When my heart wails in sore distress,
His hand saves my tears from falling into the bowls of mine enemies.

He makes my laughter a bitter poison to them that hate me,
And He prevents my head from hitting my chest in shame,
Yet He causes the legs of my heart to tremble in his presence,
And the music of my spirit to praise His holy name.
For He was then, so He is now, and so shall He be forever more!

For with His eyes he calms my spirit,
And with His voice He convicts my soul.
As His right hand feeds me with wisdom,
So does His left shelter me with love,
While His smile cuddles me with joy.

His gaze never escapes me,
And He picks me up even when I fall in the midst of mine enemies.
He shuts their mouth with an iron bridle,
And their mocking laughter does He turn to tears of grief.
Yet does He bring me to forgive them and pray for them in my hatred of their iniquities.

JEHOVAH is the name,
Of the Lord my God,
Who loves me,
And gave His Son JESUS to die
For the sins of a wretch like me!

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Beautiful, simply beautiful!