G (MARCH 23, 1951 / )

The Lord Of All Illusions

The love that fate, in humor,
May grant a younger heart.
Will keep it pure and wholesome,
Though It's been torn apart.

As lost loves still engender
A pain at every turn.
A short term loss of memory
Is but their least concern.

But pleasure, ever present,
As all young lovers know;
When vested in such virgins,
Maintains an afterglow.

And built on firm illusions,
Young lovers, may, in vain;
Find mercy in believing,
Their love may live again.

So easily rekindled,
It only takes a spark.
Ignited by a kind word,
Into a flaming arc.

I caution every lover,
Don't be deceived by this.
It's only an illusion,
And one you should dismiss.

The myth words, here, are written.
A wisdom, best ignored.
The lord of all illusions,
'Lost love, can be restored '.

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Love the title, enjoyed the read immensely. Took me to another place in time.
i know about lost love...it does hurt..this illusion keeps us going, , people would rea; ise and change
I think its important that we know what we have been blessed with, the lord works in mysterious ways, what is given so freely can and will be taken away.
Underrated piece. I totally agree with the points you made. it is like backsliding.. the demons just become more...
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