The Lord Of All Illusions

The love that fate, in humor,
May grant a younger heart.
Will keep it pure and wholesome,
Though It's been torn apart.

by GREENWOLFE 1962 Click to read full poem

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Love the title, enjoyed the read immensely. Took me to another place in time.
i know about lost does hurt..this illusion keeps us going, , people would rea; ise and change
I think its important that we know what we have been blessed with, the lord works in mysterious ways, what is given so freely can and will be taken away.
Underrated piece. I totally agree with the points you made. it is like backsliding.. the demons just become more...
Wolfey, All of your poems are really good-it's difficult to choose.A ten from me.
this is a fantastic poem i wish i had penned it extremely well wrote thank you it was a pleasure to read
I know some people who have fallen for this illusion. Well done as it inspires me to wake them up.
A poem that should be higher then it's voting rate. This is a great poem that deserves at least near a 10. It says so much and gives advice aswell. It flows through the readers mind after they have read it and it stays in one's heart. Least mine anyway. I love it. Kat, =)
what a fine illusion...awesome and very impressive surprised me to see the average vote when i fisrt read this made me wonder how can a great poem, with equally great insight and words and flow can have an average vote of 5.1..for me this poem is a greenwolf is simply one of the best poet here on this site...
Wolfey...I don't think I had read this one before. I'm very impressed with the tremendous insight you have here... Nicely usual. Hugs, Dee
our legends say world itself is an illusion.. lord of illusion is an add on format to that. described well and it is a write with insight...10 and more stars Rema
Wolfey - Good advice, I have a feeling though people who are addicted to their life as a victim will not heed your warning. ~ Sara
I think this is one of your top writes.
The Grand illusion. Fine work G.
Greenwolfe that last verse speaks the truth I wish I could have back all the time I spent trying to get her to fall in love with me again
Truth....It is an illusion like the life itself. In my poem I felt life itself is an illusion Here the infatuation is an illusion .It is the truth judged and accepted erroneously by the young mind in love Good 10
A short term loss of memory... ....................................... Without this short an amnesia, Would be great emptiness only... .....10... Tsira
Amazing, I can visualize your wisdom, lord of all illusions and one illusionary world, conflicting conclusion, I agree on your final statement. Great intelligent work
I also i would pick these one from you from your long list of poetrys, altough i'm just a beginer, funny thing it is that i wan make a poetry similar like these one but with different flow, but you allready have the right title, so thearfore i believe your is write it more properly and deserve these title and u did it very well with The Lord of All Illusions