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The Lord's Prayer

Beloved Father/Mother God
Sacred are thy names
You dwell within us
Your Will is our will
Give us this day sustenance
Forgive our transgressions,
As we forgive others
Lead us out of our darkness,
Into Your Light,
For You are Truth, Light, Love,
For all Eternity...

So it was, so it is and so it shall be


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Poetic eloquence, for a masterful style, is not just lavished for length along. Nor is profoundness, in it's truer form, nought but of majestic simplicity. Hence, I find this prayer of the utmost and highest expression of love, within our Father's will. As such, anything that's not of love will and does eventually kill. Majestically simplistic, profoundly unique~! Armour/ Lilly-Quill Hunter http: //www.your-poetry.com/modules.php? name=Your_Account
We should all paraphrase our prayers - to remember what is in them - and maybe to shine light on how we think about them. I have an Our Father that is like 40 lines long - it breaks up each little gem and explains what it means - if we really mean it.
I know very few prayers...the Lord's Prayer is one of them (Serenity prayer another) due to those being taught through AA. (I attended as a child with my parents) I like that you felt you could change this and adjust it to fit your view. I've never thought about it, it always seemed like they were untouchable. It's a great thought that we can make prayers our own. Great poem Ray. Sincerely, mary
Good poem/prayer! I too reworked that prayer to more aptly fit how I felt. You made some good points that I might even incorporate into mine, since I say mine as a prayer every morning. Thanks for looking at and commenting on my poetry. Be Well, Emma