The Lord's Scepter Shall Never Depart

God chose the man Abram to start his plan of reconciliation,
He believed and his descendents would be a mighty little nation.
When God first spoke to Abram, he told him to leave his relations,
Later changing his name to Abraham, as the father of many nations.

For through his seed God would bless all the nations of the earth,
Later Isaiah prophesied this seed would come through a virgin birth.
From the tribe of Judah the Lord's Scepter shall never depart,
True Words spoken by Isaac’s son Jacob, right from his heart.

This was Jacob's blessing to his son Judah at his departure,
Spoke for the Father of All Nations, Judah couldn't be any surer.
God began to fulfill His promise with one of Judah's very own,
For through King David He would establish an everlasting throne.

God used his son Solomon to build a temple in Jerusalem for The Lord.
Through Nathan, God told David that his Kingdom would forever endure.
Although the Kingdom grew great under Solomon, his heart turned away,
So God tore away the Kingdom, but for David's sake Judah He let stay.

It will be The Lion of Judah, who fulfills the promise of The Lord,
It is under Christ, The Son of David, that the land will be restored.
However, many countries will be left out of God's plan of Salvation,
For they have harbored hatred and despised this tiny little nation.

(Copyright © 04/2002)

by Bob Gotti

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