The Loser With Everything Left To Lose

Please don’t say you care for me,
It’s so much better if you hate,
Because if I didn’t have you loving me,
I wouldn’t care what was at stake.

I would lose the fear to die,
And end up in a better place,
But now I strive to stay alive,
Just so I can see your face.

It’s so much easier to be free,
When you have no one else around,
My feet would lose their gravity,
But you keep them firmly on the ground.

Because of you I know what love is,
And how it causes so much pain,
And because I have you to remind me of it,
I’ll put myself through it again.

If I were alone I’d lose my sanity,
I wouldn’t know what is was to feel lost,
But because I have you here with me,
I’m all too aware of the cost.

And even after all these tears,
I just can’t seem to hate you,
Even when I know in the end,
That’ll I’ll just lose you too.

by Jess Green

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