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The Loss Of Her Prince!
(January,1975 / Georgia)

The Loss Of Her Prince!

Poem By Lacy Greear Kobilis

Lady Lucinda sits quietly in her parlor
as the servant girl brushes her long black hair
and helps her dress for bed.
Yet she longs for her Prince
and can't remove the memories of his touch
from her head.
Once she is ready for bed,
the servant girl leaves with a bow;
Lucinda stares out the window
with a tear in her eye
She asks the moon
to make him aware of her love;
yet she knows it will not,
so she ends her stare with a sigh
Turning to the empty bed,
she makes her way across the room –
she grips his picture
as she prays for sleep
Yet there is no peace for her;
for she is tortured by thoughts of love
she can't control,
and a Prince she fears she can not keep
She hears the horse pounding the ground
as she jumps and runs to the window
carrying her curiosity along
but realizes it's for her father,
only a messenger, she stares for awhile –
until the messenger is gone
She lies back down wondering
what the messenger could have wanted
at such an hour;
but drifts off to dream
In her dream there is a garden
filled with roses for as far as the eyes can see;
her Prince in front of her,
eyes full of glee
He grabs her hand
and they dance in the garden;
and laugh by the lake,
happiness overwhelms her heart

They talk for hours
and hold one another
gently by a tree;
speaking of a time
when they won't have to be apart

He brings her to her feet
and kisses her lips,
her heart starts to race
Then her knees start to feel
weakness as he touches softly her face
His eyes hypnotize her
and she knows not what to say
as he stands before her,
the man she loves
in such a passionate way;
And her heart breaks tragically
when he informs her that
he has his responsibility to the king,
and at sun down he must go
Suddenly she awakes;
only to notice it was a dream;
and sadness fills her soul
once again the servant girl comes
to assist her in dressing and bring her tea;
but she is still broken
by the sadness of her dream
After her noon walk she asks her father
who the late messenger was seeking
and what for
He stated that the message was for her,
as he handed her a sealed letter
and shut the parlor door
She knew that it must be important
for her father to act in such a way
so she eagerly tore it open,
wondering and wondering,
“oh what could it say”
It stated that her Prince was a hero
and had died for his kingdom,
with much honor
but her heart could not take such pain,
she was filled with pain and horror
Lady Lucinda, after this tragedy
-never married or loved another
She only held her Prince's picture,
while staring out the window,
When Lady Lucinda's soul
finally left her body behind;
they found her on the bed
holding the letter
that told her of her loss
held tightly in one hand.........
and in the other she held his picture close to her heart;
and on the back she had written
these words -
“after all these years, we will soon be together –
and will never have to part. As I leave this earth,
my body may be old,
but I saved for you, my soul -and my heart.

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