SB (December 7th 1968 / Detroit Michigan)

The Loss Of Our Child

I am thinking that you don’t want me anymore
I hope that I am wrong
I get the eerie feeling that you are closing the door
I seen you today and you walked on by
Not even a glance not even a look in the eyes
My heart broke in two
For all the hurt and pain that I have been through
In such a short amount of time
Look into my eyes and a broken soul is what you will find

I went through the loss of our child alone
Something being torn from you
A sweet and innocent soul
A love child that was never meant to exist
Something to show our shame
It took a lot of me inside, but I have only myself to blame
For it to be a narrow margin to even try to survive
It was once living, breathing and oblivious to our lies
I am so lost, so upset and confused
I often wonder if it had your eyes

You never accepted my calls of need
For a shoulder to cry on
I guess things happened for the best
For you have shown me that you were no one to rely on
As I write to you this poem from deep in my heart
I feel my stomach churn and my tears start
For you have never asked me
Whatever became of our baby
You were too concerned with yourself
And keeping your old lady
For I feel that you turned your back on your own flesh and blood
Never a second thought
Not even an acknowledgement or a kind word
Avoidance has been your way
Of hearing what I had to say

I never wanted to cause you grief
You have meant that much to me
I only wanted you there
To share the burden with me
I would have never tried to break up your home
For you are in your castle, where you belong
I wish you peace and serenity and a life divine
For I will move on and accept it
And pick up the pieces of mine
I know the loss was God’s punishment to me
As if to tell me that “all love comes from thee

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