The Lost And Found.

Poem By talla tragedy

Walking through a field of lost and found,
i found my love but i have lost my heart,
the wind has blown the life of my heart away,
so far away, my heart might be,
I run down the hill where i fall on my knees,
i couldn't get up,
but then i saw your face it lit up my soul,
you gave me your hand and i stood up with your help,
the moment i look up,
i stand there alone,
i had found you,
but i have lost you without a sound,
it's like the wind has blown your existance away,
so far away, you may be,
now without you, without my living heart,
i stand here on this field,
cold as ice,
freezing to death,
my soul fades away,
it's like the wind has blown it away,
so far away, my body here to stay.

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