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The Lost Flock
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

The Lost Flock

The Cantadora came as it was custom,
at night to tell about the flock abandoned.
It seems the sheep had left their shepherd,
not through a sense of loss or even want.
They had discarded him in view of sheer neglect,
he was not fit to lead, no flock be his again.

He played, the Cantadora did recap,
with rats and other vermin of great detriment.
It seems those creatures did provide sheer praise,
the painful lack of which the woolies could not feel.
So, for the pleasure of a short lived Mozart tune
embracing treason was the logic of the day.

Down by the creek they had assembled in the light
of a full moon and to the murmur of the water.
Not being bright but rather fluffy and of beauty,
they were unanimous at once in condemnation.
'He who can not accept the logic of a passion
to fellow creatures does forfeit his right to life',
thus all the sheep did nod and burped a silent Baaah,
and with the signal that had been sent from above
one million glow worms led the dance of sudden freedom.

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Comments (4)

Good as always. I miss you alot. Always a 10 and always my love - CS
Well, I liked it! A smart poem, I love the pictures it creates. Thank You. Jazzy x
Retirement may provide one with ample time. But it is the wisdom that often goes missing. H
...but the black sheep, alas, would not leave the herbage and eat elsewhere despite the wishes of the herd...