On The Threshold…

My heart is soft
My eyes are wet
Each night I wait
On the threshold of love

Gentle as breeze
On a winter morning
Your love cloaks my soul
This wild ecstasy

As the butterfly
Yields to the lure
Of flowery fields
So does my heart
Submit to your love

Let me sing your name
Forever praising your ways
Until drunk
I rave
On the threshold of love.

by Abubakar Ahmed Imam

Comments (5)

Randy, a truly heartfelt poem. You have written so sensitively and beautifully. 10 Karin Anderson
lovely composition. wonderful imagination 10++
interesting write...well expressed...great piece....10
to lie awake on her soft cotton cloud, drifting in and out of her soft pink mouth..well you found her..you do the work...nice write...iip
Wonderful well written poetry 10+++