(18 January 1982 - / Pretoria, South Africa)

The Lost Of Romance

In a timeless sphere a thought becomes born
Of something lingering in the heart of existence
A stir of emotion flows
As the thoughts in quantity grows

A love bursts free as the thought takes shape
Of a creature small, frail, but cloaked in care
The vision of a life now sprouts to being
Now a person own, complete in its seeing

Weaved together in a nurturing hollow
A body is formed with intricate care
Meticulously designed in infinite complexity
The Creator looks on shaping matchless dexterity

A cry of life bursting in force
Signals the deftly fragile dawn of years
A tear from above the height of the sky
Falls from love on this soul close to His eye

A human walks now on the face of this earth
The tear from above burn eternal a space in his soul
A yearn for the romance that caused its creation
To satiate his life and become realization

Years moving on in the life becoming lived
The person passes now ‘neath the hands of vice
Deluded deeds of dread dragging down to dire
The hopes of virtue getting lost in this mire

Ripping of the present be the scars of the future
And a hate now new being born from the past
Like flowers in beauty and fragrance and grace
Scorched by the flames of reality in this place

As our tears may dropp from our heights to the floor
Tears of blood roll down to the moments before
A Man gave His life for the romance of all
To save all He loves from the fate of this fall

The tear that came from above the height of the sky
Became the water of life to all for which it die
To gather from grief to eternal rapture
The lost of romance whose hearts it yearns to capture


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