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The Lost Smile

The lost smile

a magic smile as a reverie
Oh! a life full of revelry

a welcome smile unsaid
leading all my way to bed

smile a seductive one
absorb me to be won

your smile tickling my cheeks
ah! raise me into the highest peaks

my hidden smile weaving silence
without sense, wait for your presence

a smile totally forgotten
drowns us all in pricking pain

a tear-laden smile on the face
speaks volumes beyond words

smile whispering colors
full of blushing pleasures

a vanishing smile with heaviness
light leaving for darkness

and me and me wandering awhile
in search of my lost smile

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Comments (6)

A smile totally forgotten! Nice piece of work.
My smile is lost. what can bring it back.
smiles and smiles all over there in the poem. very gorgeously written, good one. enjoyed!
lets keep on smiling....smiles lighten up our days... and give warmness away -thaks for your smiles...they are not lost
lovely carved writes your smile tickling my cheeks ah! raise me into the highest(of) peaks.........
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