Poem Hunter
The Love Goddess
(29 September 1970 / South Africa)

The Love Goddess

This morning I told someone about you.
Spoken in plain language, it somehow
diminished what we have…

Afterwards I wanted to pour ash over my
head and cry a river into being…

Have I misrepresented you?

How can any language aptly express the
look in your eyes when they rest on me?
Is there a way to explain to any real person
this godlike entity which is You-and-Me?
Surely reality and Us are not cut from the
same cloth?

It is the difference between potato sacks
and Egyptian silk,
you wrapping my body
which is dead to this mundane world
in exotic balms and fabrics……
preserving me for future travelers to find
and they will stand in awe and put me
on display with a card reading:
“The Love Goddess”

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We all love the feeling of anothers love, they make us feel that life is worth living and the world spins because of that love, out of the blue you are a god or goddess of love, enjoy the moment of sweet love...10