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The Love He Holds
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Love He Holds

Poem By Margaret Alice Second

My birthday gift - a Wishes Jar with a winged
fairy sitting on top, the back of the jar informs me
that I should write all my wishes on the scroll inside
and then expose the jar to the full moon whereupon
the fairy will FEEL these wishes and make them
come true, I'm empowered to believe in

The impossible dream by this gift, now I can decide
what I want first - my first wish is for Carine - my
changeling child - to choose her own wishes and try
to fulfil them and that we all may help her to grow
to a new place of safety and love; a new feeling of
joy and delight in her heart - secondly I want

Nici to be happy with Jacques and Tiaan to be happy
all by himself - but first and foremost I want Carine
to discover the joy she missed for so long, knowing
we're the family waiting to embrace her, I want her
to enjoy lovely dishes and happy days at work, find
soulmates and feel embraced by other people who

Feel they have an affinity with her life and the strange
twists it took; I want my beloved to be happy and my
sister the Duchess to have the best life she can - but
my priority is to dream of Carine escaping from the
clutches of death and suffocation, of her choosing the
small joys of our little world, the feeling of family

Together in unity - even when her dad is the sphinx
sporting a poker face, always in a hurry to finish all
conversations - knowing that deep inside he has a
heart of gold and she has a right to the safety
of the love he holds…

[25 January 2015]

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