The Love Letter

The words I will say or write
will be simple but true, I love
your dimples and think you are
my dream girl and seeing you I
just want to scream God is
You are beautiful and its not
because of your cream but it
comes from within
Irresistible woman realize the
basis of a relationship, love
money or intimacy or all three I
know nothing is free and
nothing lasts forever but you
are a rare gem as beautiful as
the weather
I try to breathe without you it's
like breathing under water, like
a fish out of water pure
I need you to be my woman
please let me take the hurt from
your heart and the dirt from
your eyes and mind, just put
your hand in mine
It's hard to write bright
because all I see is wrong but
you light up my world just like
sunshine and if am with you I
will never be late just like
sunshine maybe you got a man
maybe a real man but I need
you in my life as a wife
Make me a part of your plan a
part of your life
I care for you and am going to
be fair to you take my time with
you because everything you do
you are doing it well and I
swear I love everything you
wear and your smile goes all the
miles with me all through the
Hey love are you not tired of
being disrespected tired of
being disconnected and
insulted give me your maths
and count on me like a
calculator, to be exact, true fact
Hey love I need you
now, Monday to
Sunday, everyday
Take everything, Take anything
you want you have won my love
what do you want to see across
the seas and different seasons
you are everything i need
believe it and you are the
reason for this poem
I will treat you nice and we'll
drink wine not only on new
years eve so love take my heart
but don't share it if it were a
shirt i will tell you to wear it to
keep you out of the cold, make
me part of your home.
Across the universe and
beyond, I think I met you in a
dream from beyond, heaven
that's what i see when i think of
Paradise that's the life i want
for you but life is tough so let
me cool you down when life
gets hot although am not rich
nor poor am in the middle
life's a riddle but i can promise
you three things love, care and a
relationship people will
emulate, can you relate to that
and I will stick to you like a
we can be the number one
team like football and i will hold
you like a trophy
I know you are beautiful not
because of all your clothes but it
comes from your soul and your
whole being
I open up my eyes a dream
come true nothing left to
do, nothing left to say you must
be the one explains why I love
you, human beings call it
connection but i think it was
destined to be
Beloved can't you see the signs
be mine I just want to make you
smile every time, tell me your
problems let me ease your mind
You are one of a kind in a full
house and I love how you wear
your blouse
What I feel for you I can't
explain, to tell you the truth
that's all I want to do and to
grow old with you is all I want
to do.
I saw you one day, I liked you
and another day you took my
heart and today am in love with
You see I could write a whole
page for you but there is only
one truth I love you, I really do
because at the end of the day
your face is what I want to see
sleeping next to me by my side
on my bed at the end Of my
day, so many letters and
sentences bottom line is I love
you, I really do so you better
read my love letter you better.

by Funkekeme Akposeye

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