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The Love Of Divine Presence
CC (05-28-62 / Dearborn Michigan)

The Love Of Divine Presence

Poem By connie crane

God is ever present with me,
And I am ever present with Him.

You are my beloved,
And we are one within Him.
Together we embrace the holiness,
Of life without sin.

Life that is perfect and wholesome.
Life with no end.
Life that is so abundant,
Eternity bids us to create infinitely.

All that we can conceive is meant to be.
All that we desire,
We shall have,
For in Divine Presence,
There is no lack.

Shall we run then, beloved,
Hand in hand,
Through glorious fields of flowers?

Shall we lay on our backs,
And let the sun worship,
Our upturned faces?

Shall we dance in a frenzy,
To the drums of Africa,
Or put on our kilts,
And tap to the song of the bagpipes?

Whatever we shall behold,
We shall become.
Whatever we shall become,
We shall be One,
In the Love of Divine Presence.

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Religiously crafted, with great faith in Him...a 10+++.
GOD is all and made all