The Love Of Earth And Sun

Sun and earth share a love
Seen in their seasons
I know their marriage well.

The wind sighs at it
With a chill, plucks leaves,
From tired trees, giving up.
In the brisk first days of autumn
The ground is a blanket
Of laying vagrants
While the high horizons blush
With color, the earth moves
Away from her lover.
I whisper more in autumn,
Blood stirs with a mystery.

I lit a campfire one night
And the next day, see green needles
Coated with a white fluffy glaze.
A puddle, from a late autumn rain
Creeps back forth, ice to water.
The Earth is distant from her love,
With flakes floating, as a drizzle
OF innocent good-byes.
My perception of time slows
I frown more in the winter.

Time speeds when I see
White mountains ablating down
Sidewalks, and parking lots.
Its as if the sun, wrote the earth
An Apology, and in answer
All her life leaps with warm forgiveness
From a silent sleeping
Of her icy resentment.
I smile more in spring.

Finally, the sun makes love
To the earth, steaming.
Waters, causing storms,
Of passion moving about in pure glee
With love rekindled, world delights.
I love more in the summer.

by Josh Alfred

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Sun and Earth share amazing love among themselves. Very interesting poem shared definitely. Wisely penned.10