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The Love Of His Life
CLJ (Januauary 8 1962 / Mt. View, California)

The Love Of His Life

Poem By Christina L Johnson

My husbands best friend and the love of his life
has four paws and chases a tennis ball
She is always first to greet him at the door

She is the first he kisses as he kneels to the floor
She never complains on how late he is, and never is grilled
on where he has been

There always is a smile on her face as her tail is a
wagging as she trys to lick his face
She is kind and oh so loyal that girl dog of his
treats him as if he is royal

She would lay down her life and give her last breathe as
so would he for her puppy kiss
This man of few words and a kind gentle soul loves
his golden as if she were gold

When the day has come and he has to put her to rest
he will always know how blessed he is
To have a best friend who stands on four paws
His golden retriever who is loved by all

Maddison Johnson my husbands best friend

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Comments (3)

Personally, I think this piece is astounding. I was a foster child and I had a cocker spaniel named Leo (someone poisoned him though) I loved that dog and I understand a truly appreciate the endearment in this poem. **10** all day long. Be Well
very nice i like it...
Really good.. an excellent piece for a loving pet and it's owner or rather yet the cat's friend; -)