In Deep Sleep

I have seen all here
In deep sleep.
With no reason
who can say!
Consciousness is there,
but they are all unconscious.
The snake is giving protection
To the true witnesses,
And I have came to see again
and to feel how the living is!
There is love for all,
And love is the only truth here.
Why should one cross the ocean?
Let me play my game as a creature.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (18)

How is this poem not ranked higher? This piece is considered a masterpiece of the Modernist movement.
The poem offers a fine example of the use of human psychology. The behaviour of Mr Prufrock shows his mental agony, inferiority complex and suppressed desire. Mr Prufrock has beenpresented by Eliot as a tragic figure with the classical flaw and timidity. This timidity of his forces himnot to take any action. He is intensely self-conscious and always thinks what the lady might say when he would present himself before the lady. He thinks she will comment 'How his hair is growing thin? ' And again 'Buthow his arms and legs are thin? ' Prufrock is quite aware of his tragic flaw hence to attain required courage and strength he takes shelter of fasting and praying and tries to comparehimself to John the Baptist but all ends in smoke as he suffers bitterly from this tragic flaw. I liked the poem for its strong structure and vivid imagery.
Another translation of the epigraph: ``If I thought that I was speaking to A soul that one day may return to see the world, Most probably this flame would cease to flicker; But as no one ever returns alive from this deep pit, If this is the truth I hear, Without fear of dishonor I answer you'' (Dante Alighieri, The Divine Comedy: Inferno, Canto XXVII,61-66)
The older I grow, the more I appreciate this poem. Wonderful imagery! Such poignancy for a life lived and soon to be over!
I think this poem is one of the best poems I've read at the University. Another awesome poem is 'Ode Triunfal' from Fernando Pessoa.
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