The Love Within

Poem By Mark Anthony Mendoza

With each passing day and night I see an angel
Shinning at my window pane, making my problem fade away
As I walk under the full moon the magic shallows over me
The stars are shinning like a diamond in the sky

I could see all the colors of the rainbow from now on
I could tell what the winds write as he touch my skin
I could feel the breathe of a morning breeze
A love can't deny and a love so strong

Others will try to break the love we both have my sweet
Others will try but all they can do is try my sweet
For i'll be the barrier they could never cross
I'll be the wall for all those who opposse
No not this time, not this love i've been looking for

Hold my hand and feel my love with in.
This is the love we both been dreaming of my sweet.
Let's not be blind and open our eyes
Let trust each other so love will last

So no more dreaming my sweet, this is it my mahal
The road where we'll put us to where we want
Where God is right next to us all the way into the end
I love you and I intend to keep it that way... FOREVER

You are the angel in my life who brings me life
Who thought me to be true and to be good
Don't want to live like I used to live before
And if one day you'll be gone, i'll be lost forever

You completed my life and the search i've been hunting for
You turn my grey life into the color of a butterfly
You turn my nights into to a day
You make me love you like I never love before

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