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The Lovely Trail (R)
(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

The Lovely Trail (R)

Poem By Margaret Alice Second

Back in that little space inside, wrong turning and
missing the inner cathedral completely, it’s cold &
chill in the small dark space where the little alien’s
hiding from life, I hold out my arms ready to clasp
him in a calming embrace, comfort his small mind
and lead him back to life - but getting him to stay

In the light is impossible, somewhere in his little
life he erroneously concluded living’s not worth
the pain and confusion, I try to explain life here
on earth is just a phase in the non-stop cycles of
eternal consciousness and he’s just like a small
TV set with the knobs all set wrong giving the

Impression he’s headed in the wrong direction, yet
he can choose to resonate with the highest & best
vibrations, with the most beautiful tunes ever heard,
with the enchanted forest canopy in our garden at
home, he shudders: Scorpio’s planning to cut down
the trees for more space to build a workshop – and

I explain that within the eternal vibrations we can
choose to be joyful in harmony and if he chooses
something else, he will be left behind as I leave to
find the lovely trail left by all those who went before
us; he runs quickly past me and grabs the steering
wheel and declares himself ready to leave on that

Quest for beauty, eyes shining with the excitement
resonating with my friends Joy & Hope living in my
cranium too; I hope Lady Wisdom will join us one
of these days – to guide the unconditional love we
found inside and don’t know how to offer to all
those who will use it to turn back to the sun….

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Wow, your NEW stuff just rocks! ! ! The Lovely Trail, choose to not suffer, choose the high path... wonderful alive, aware thoughts!