Cruising At A Loving Altitude

Woke up this morning into the joy of a new
day - at peace with myself and everybody
else, Rudi wanting to know whether it is safe
to be him again, I’m laughing at him, yes it is,
I love opposition, but I love you for many more

It is wonderful to wake up next to you, let’s
make peace, I’m finished with being a member
of the Samurai, I’m sorry I bugged you so much,
I went into overdrive, now I’m back on autopilot,
cruising at a loving altitude, thank you that you
withstood my attack of

Hypocritical self-righteousness, my despotic
despondency in wanting to be right at all costs,
I love you more than any theory or thing you
can say - Rudi’s kisses erasing all memory
of my obstinate insistence on stupidity…

by Louise Tredoux

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