The Misbegotten

The Misbegotten

On the middle of the bridge we leaned on its railing
and looked into at the slimy, green and slow
running stream. Its bank decorated by plastic bottles,
used condoms, a long since dead dog, yet grinning as
recalling a filthy joke and a three month old abortion,
half eaten by discerning water rats.

Over this beauty of decay hung a reluctant, pale sun
refusing to lend light to this polluted river scene.
First time we came here the water was clear, we could
see fishes and you held my hands, she said.

My hands were cold, spat into the filth below, dug them
deep into my pockets, hunched my shoulders and
began walking. Didn´t bother telling her that our love was
like a river burdened by too much debris.
All we have in common is our shared solitude, but that is
a dad better than being alone.

by Oskar Hansen

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Hi David, This is really refreshing poem, You need to write like this more often. Excellent poem.
And there is a poem worth reading.Great poem and a very refreashing style.Love Duncan