School-Kids....Dying - Adults....Changing Narrative

Author's note:
Logic: 101

Life suggests...some lies
....Are good some are bad
Attacking...these kids
......Is sad

If true in fact
They misbehaved....
Though in misbehaving
.....A saved

Then why the hell
Folks rant and rave
.....When through......the lie
Another child 'tis saved

If indeed these kids are lying...
Yet life...their trying

....Simply means....some lies
Are good and some are bad
Attacking these students....
Is sad

by James B. Earley

Comments (5)

I enjoyed the poem. My doctor says that it isn't the cholesterol, the starches or the proteins; it's the 'calories' that I've got to count. Her advice works when I stick to it
I agree, it's not the fat thats evil. Great piece.
Janice, cheers with the red wine but that is NOT it. French people who eat the high sat.fat way and drink no wine have the same longevity and freedom from heart disease. Fat and cholesterol PROTECT from illness, including cardiovascular disease. H
Yup it's in the red wine.....Drink and be merry! a greasy sticky ten for you. Hugs Jan
Herbert the french eat three hearty meals a day, full of fat and they drink a good amount of wine, yet they have a healthy per capita body the heart could be counted as excellent Warm regards allan