The Lowercase God By Gio Masserati

the lowercase god
reduced of Deity
why? why? why?

why do we limit You?
Your name is our forever
the Father Son and Holy Spirit
Trinity all one

You are not the lowercase God
that i have come to know
from Your vast endless resources
our beings and creativity flows

who am i to diminish You
Your creation do we remain
in Awe of all Your wonders
You are our Source sustain

You I will not contain
to even try is a lie
the stealing of Your Glory
by the lowercase described

You're not my lil' 'jesus'
You are big and full All Mighty
You went to prepare a place for us
my Christ....O my Jesus

my Father left You with me
Holy Spirit You're my guide
O Lord You continually sustain me
to You do dare to capitalize

if every word in the entire world
deserved the Glory due You
the uppercase would be Yours exclusively
all else would be lowercase to me

so give me choices, please, i ask
to uppercase my Jesus
Lord of mine my Father God
to You all be the Glory

by Gio Masserati

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