The Luckiest Man On Earth!

If I were the luckiest man, the luckiest man on Earth,
Then I would marry Cathy and I would prove my worth!
I'd kiss her in the morning and in the afternoon!
I'd kiss her in the evening, like on our honeymoon!
I'd kiss her in the sunshine! I'd kiss her in the shade!
I'd kiss her in the moonlight, as daylight starts to fade!
I'd kiss her on a Sunday I think the most of all!
Yet save my lips for Monday, my love to reinstall!
I can't help kissing Cathy 'cos my love's oh so strong!
I guess if I were twice the man, I'd kiss her all day long!
So, please pucker up, my pretty! Let's kiss our whole lives through!
God bless my cute celebrity, 'cos Cathy... I LOVE YOU!

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