To The Evening Star

Poem By Thomas Campbell

It would be wonderful to sit back,
And glorify in an ego.
To feel,
As egos go...
I'm done!
And completely satisfied.
With myself and everyone!

It would be nice,
To accept restricting limitations.
With boundaries understood.
Like cattle within fences to graze,
Unfazed with just one expectation...
To eat and sleep,
Until slaughtered!

Sometimes I feel like that.
Unstrapping accountability off my back...
And live totally without thoughts to complete a mission.
Being absolutely conditioned to achieve nothing at all.
To be convinced that what I do is easy to achieve.
Believing what I like to do requires no work!
And become like those who say they have good jobs.
Because they find themselves with little to nothing to do.
But going beserk.
Over a prized coffee cup...
That has been discovered missing.

Or seeking to find a pair of sox that match,
An outfit one has prepared to publicly wear!
To receive a compliment,
From those in offices who arrive to work...
To file and push papers.

It would be wonderful to sit back,
And glorify in an ego.
To feel,
As egos go...
I'm done!
And completely satisfied.
Like those with a 9 to 5.

It has been many years,
To accomplish tasks that I've done.
And if I had thought I was the center of it...
Like some.
Nothing of what I have done,
Would have seen the light of the Sun.

I'd be too busy doing nothing.
And many find time to do that.
With perceptions that others...
Who sacrifice to do what they wish,
Are the lucky ones without schedules to meet.
Or having to impress,
Someone greeted to have an hour lunch!
And after staring at a clock all day,
Be finally given the signal to be dismissed.

Only to agree to see one another at a bar.
For Happy Hour spent drinking.
And discussing 'who' and 'what' made them pissed!

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