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The Lust For Power And Money

The lust for power and money to corruption lead
And some cheat and lie to satisfy their greed
And big Corporations do not have a soul
The avarice that afflicts them their thinking control.

The distribution of wealth as ever seems so unfair
And thousands grow poorer for every new millionaire
Oil tycoons and arms dealers make millions every day
Whilst thousands are dying of hunger like flowers in decay.

To be born of poor parents is their only crime
And they look thin, old and gray though only in their prime
In refugee camps they are forced to reside
In a Land ravaged by drought and by war men destroyed.

'Tis true power can be a corruptible thing
Of the wealthy and famous some poets only sing
Why laud people who have far more than enough
When millions are homeless and have to sleep rough.

The lust for power seems to be thriving of late
And only the wealthy and famous the media celebrate
Whilst each day thousands die of hunger doesn''t life seem unfair
In a World where empathy and compassion are rare.

by Francis Duggan

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