The Lynching At Rampura Lake

Do you know what it’s like to beat a man
To death? Nobody asked me if I felt
Guilty afterwards, but the answer to
Both questions would be ‘no’. Feel guilty? Hell! ‎
I relished every punch – not that I could ‎
Get many in, you know! There must have been
Five hundred people, a thousand fists and feet‎
Rammed into breaking bone and cracking flesh! ‎
Why did they do it? It was people power! ‎
Genuine, bona fide, real democracy –‎
For once, for one night, these two murderers
Could not take refuge with the gangsters, the
Two political parties we’d voted for –‎
Never again, I swear, not after what I’ve done! ‎

by Iftekhar Sayeed

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