The Lyric That Never Goes Away

Poem By Poetic Judy Emery


Dedication of my heart is true to love you,
But I held all my feelings deep within,
But my love is like a lyric
that will play over and over in your mind
it will be a song that will never grow old,
Angels and birds, flying around in humbleness
Where the voice of love blossomed in the hearts,
Oh, wonders and deep desires never stop looking
Keep your hunger alive;
Love is a gift you never want to loss or miss,
Passion is the burning of the spirit that sings on high,
Oh, the true glorifying of you …
Boldest of all that share true love,
Brave and modesty that keeps the soul clean,
Kindness is the forgive one another in true love
Red ripe sunsets are in beauty of the skilled hands of the maker,
Darkling of the world could never stop true love,
Chambers are where the slaves once singed,
Blanched is their gowns where true love shines deep within
Their souls of long ago;
Oh, my love how the ancient stories where being told
To never let true love go
Never let the words leave your mind
Let it burn in your souls always…...
Let the glory of true love shine in your darkest time of life
Let the tears drop down like rain,
Let the tears wash out the pains of the blood that has poured
Out on the sand where your knees are bent,
suffer or die but keep your love alive,
despite the distance of time
Interchanges need to be made
Grace of love is he that gives the gift of love
Who had died for us,
Anciently is the heart that shines
Raising hands to are time of life….
Yearn to have your voice heard
Sustainment is where you need to be
Reward will come to those who has never letting true love go,
Blessing is the cleansing of sins,
Never Judge unless you're ready to be judged
Proud is the sinners of sins
Midnight silence is where the heads are bowed
Imprisoned of true love of the faithful ones.
Come and read and let the words be the lyrics
That will always play upon the minds that moves the heart
To keep true love alive in your life.

Poetic Judy Emery © 2017 Time 9: 00 AM 017

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