The Lyrical Hold, A Million Dollars Story, Danced By A Marionette

the manipulating privilege of possession
is all yours
i do not prevent my undue bending knee
but, place it where it is forced
enclose in its captivity
are swan like performances
dancing as a Marionette
flowing in a air of blood stained counted measurements
with graceful silent nightmares of custom influences
raw shaking wings can not
take to heavenly Flight
but are now cursed and weaken
by Celebrity like demonic god, admirers
hovering over a lifeless non-moving string puppet

pull me this way, and i lift my arm
wiggle me this way
and i will, scream out no alarm
dress me as, cute as a clown
hand on back, neck held straight
and i will certainly dance it your way
lyric to lyric, cheek to cheek
held in a million dollar captivity
for not one single soul to see

by Verlecia fields

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This is beautiful. The title is what really caught my eye. Great job.