(04/10/1978 / Berrien Springs)

The Lyrical Loon

Unbutton the stars,
Because I don’t care:
Disrobe the night’s gown
And let the sky hang bare:
Climb down your own hair.
There are little children living on
Mars, without any air;
They do this with great care,
And stare at the fish just floating
Right there:
On her wedding day,
Was she thinking of me,
As the conquistadors crossed
The jungle to the ancient city:
Was there gold, or just death,
And did she count her breath,
As he kissed her and put on the ring:
Then didn’t they stomp the glass,
But all of that is just the resonance
Of the odd jobs that have passed:
Some other girl now,
She does her nails, and wishes for
Strong men at the beach,
Making sandcastles out of lunch pales-
There is someone that she loves,
As she tips her glass,
But its not me, not me;
So, unbutton the stars,
Because I don’t care,
Disrobe the night’s gown and
Let her pale shoulders hang bare;
We can all love who we love quietly and true,
If we love at all then let me love you,
And in the secret night, gowned all in black,
I’ll unbuttoned the buttons sequined in back;
All the way up the tall tower, your tomb, I’ll climb,
And kiss the mouth in your
Most secretive room....

by Robert Rorabeck

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