The Lyrics Master

Poem By gerard ali

I walk through the door, armed with lyrics in my head,
Tongue ready to shoot, test me and you’re surely dead,
I ant no gangster and you no aint no Fed,
Some call me Red, most just call me dread.

Someone always trying to test my words,
You would have to spend life in college or be a nerd,
To even come near to or test my verb,

Your brain would have to be filled with knowledge,
And that kinder knowledge you can only obtain from college.

You would have to be, ahead of your class,
Not the fool in the grass, playing the ass,
Not the one praying to pass,
Never being the one, that was last.

Or, you would also need a certain level of class,
Cause I’m coming gunning, and you will be blast,
You will feel I’m the lighter, and you are gas,
So come prepared or this will be your last, battle you ever fight.

You better know I’m right,
I will even let you pick the time, day or night,
Doesn’t matter to me, in the dark or in the light,
But you better be prepared to fight.

Cause anything I know on you, will leave the darkness and come to light,
You would be wondering, what you did me, for me to spite,
It’s nothing personal; it’s just the way I bite,
You will realize my lyrics have a certain height,
And if you don’t, then you just ant right,
For the flight that you’re taking,

Better go to sleep,
Until you ready to be awaken,
Cause it takes a lot more, for me to be shaken,
While I have you aching and quaking,
And in your mind you wondering why, have I forsaken,
And foolishly awaken,
Begging me like your master for your soul, not to be taken.

Someone made a mistake, and gave me knowledge,
Now in my head, like I am the college,
And everything I say, is written down,
Cause no one knows, how long I will be, sticking around.

When I have a pen in my hand, I have got lyrics jumping out of my fingers,
It’s like a karate movie, with only ninjas,
Can’t say how long I can keep this up,
Before I leave and have to, close up shop.

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