A Kind Letter Made Me Cry

I cry tears that nobody sees
as people use honey in tea
But don't see the bees
I received a letter so kind
it made me cry
I felt in my heart the reason why
It was healing that came from kindness
as simple thing
but it had such a true ring
Like a bell of fine crystal it did sing
tears of happiness it did bring
There are things that happen if you care to look
Not things you can read in a book
But things that come from the heart
You know them as true
You feel it in your every part
And suddenly the true beauty of life is felt
like all the greatest poems and songs and works of art
The simple goodness that can come
From just a humble start
from just one well meant spark
from a single good heart


Comments (1)

What a wonderful poem this is. Not politically correct these days I know but it still makes me smile in 2010.