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The Mad And...

The mad and…

Reading is a must for
-learning and writing and
-expansion of knowledge.

"The Mad and the Bad" is
-a must read, for chanting
-about times, and peoples
-on the births, and reasons,
-rise and fall, of victims…

-communist and French…

I, always, have had some
-tendency to defend
-the weaker and oppressed
-that leads me to the left
-to party; never was a member…

Yet, somehow
-don't know why
-always find the writers
-and align with poets
-with leftist intentions
-to seek the righteousness.

Jack London is one and
-Lev Tolstoy my master…

In between, now and then,
-have been, are, hundreds.

Julie is heroine…
-who suffers growing
-with fosters and others
-like many displaced,
-who end up in the jails.

The detained Criminals
-are grown as crops; in
-the farms that belong
-to men of wealth, power
-with the key and gavel.
-Such devils enforce the:
- "Only we are correct…"

by Nassy Fesharaki

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