The Madman's Prayer

The cloud; a mass of creamy white
That lightens up the sky.
As men cry loud throughout the night
And shriek and yell and cry.

The rock peaks at a point so sharp
It almost cuts your tongue,
As crimson heat burns through your heart
And life is scorched so young.

So when I stand upon the ledge
And heartbeats ever clear,
That comprehends your lifelong pledge
Remember why you're here

To love and hold the ones you value
High among the rest,
And keep them safe and loving and
True love is for the best.

Sometimes what you think is right,
Can turn out oh so wrong.
As darkness is mistook for light
And silence sung in song,

So like I said I'm on a ledge
The air, forever true.
I notice death, snug in her bed,
as i'm high up in my noose
A breath of air comes rushing in,
And gives life to my veins.
And revitalizes my cold skin,
But starves my judging brain.

With one last thought I wonder
Was this really true at all,
That absence makes the heart grow fonder
And what goes up, must fall.


by Rebecca Wright

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