The Madness Of Devotion

Poem By Lone Ghost

You can be a great devotee, the greatest one if you want,
and have never attended church, nor heard about any god.

A devotee is not a fanatic full of beliefs
full of himself, full of insufficiency and wishful prayer.

When you are in devotion you carry such an empty prayer,
your heart never begs but loves, forgives and weeps in joy.

So empty, so barren, no emotions, no sadness, no preoccupations,
no intrusive desires can make their way in.

Total vacancy to let the sea of awareness of life pour into you.

A devotee is one who lacks a personal agenda,
one who is Devoid from the demands of the personality
and has arrived at a certain state of sonder,

To full-time co-create with existence
for the everyone-included big picture.

When you are in devotion
the tears and sweat of your aches and efforts
become the refreshing dew and nourishing rain of life,

When you are in devotion
you live for something greater than you
which at the same time is you.

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