The Madrigal Bells Unrung

[on the shunning of lyrical poetry
by later schools of thought (or thoughtlessness) ]

maybe they will shun
your milk white doves much farther on
on the pearl of your quest pour such

disdain. they will dislike the rose embroidery
certainly, ships with their silver sails,
their cargoes of wonder.

how I wonder why it must be thus
and why they would deny themselves (and us)
the faceted jewels, the opulent song

what do they see they think is wrong in it?
the whole earth is embroidered still.
the night we live in now.

our very selves.
ah if I had a wishing well then I would wish
the singers back who sang like this.

not live to see the madrigal bells unrung.
raid Beauty's coffers. they just close the lid.
pack sweets away.

and think in doing so,
that they have won.

mary angela douglas 15 october 2014

by Mary Angela Douglas

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must have something to do with wanting to express imagination differently, mary. but, you're right, there's no need to be nasty about it