Cast Your Worries On Jesus

Let not your heart be troubled when trials come your way
there is hope still when obstacles darken your day
when the burdens you carry becomes too much weight
seek Jesus and in Him put all your faith

Are money problems making your hair turn grey?
you're in so much debt that you worry all day
you're frustrated and don't know what to do
you keep wondering how you will make it through

Do you have marital troubles that is breaking your heart
are you afraid that your marriage will fall apart?
are you hurting for your children who have gone astray?
Before your eyes you see their lives wasting away

Do you have an addiction that is slowly killing you?
Your family and friends have turned their backs on you?
Have you spent most of your life in and out of jail
You try to overcome your habits but you always fail

Are you facing health issues that's causing you too much grief?
has a loved one died and you long for comfort and relief?
It doesn't matter how great your suffering may be
Cast your troubles on Jesus because he cares for thee

by Paul Adolphus

Comments (3)

An enigmatic poem. Its meaning escapes the cerebrum and drifts away on the wind.
An excellent poem with deep meaning unfolded with the wonders of life. Thanks for sharing.
Nature! With the mystery of life. Nice work.