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The Magic
MAM (01/23/79 / Pasay City)

The Magic

First I thought dreams are just for kids
They just happen when we sleep at night
For all those years i've been dreaming
But never had receive any of it to reality.

First I thought soulmate is just on the story
Only in books and movie where it happens
Coz i've been looking for it a long time ago
But all I ever got is pain and suffering.

The you came into my life and everything changes
First I don't want to believe but inside I feel
The warmth of your hand and the look in your eyes
Is this the dream and the soulmate i've been wanting?
Yet you smile and says no words...
Yet without a sound I could feel that you're the one

Is it magic? Is it destiny? the feeling is strong
though whatever it is. I will take it into my heart
And make it last for a long time.
'Coz I believe this magic will turn into 'TRUE LOVE'

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Edgar Allan Poe

Annabel Lee

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