The Magic Of A Heartbeat

Poem By William Lindenmuth

The magic of a heartbeat
The beauty in a smile
The excitement with every breath
To be with you awhile

The sweetness of your first hello
The music in all you say
The wonderful things we share
Your loving caring way

Moments that are precious
Pass by us way too fast
Wishing I could suspend this time
To make these moments last

We always do the best we can
With the time that we are given
To share the best of what we have
Those wonderful moments for living

The beauty of a love that lives within
To let it out to touch it with our hands
To dream it when we close our eyes
The comfort of a heart that understands

With hearts that beat in harmony
In a melody of our love's song
Knowing all that you mean to me
This love forever strong

With the magic of your heartbeat
And the softness of your touch
From the moment that our eyes did meet
I would love you very much

Comments about The Magic Of A Heartbeat

A poem with a heart and the rhyme was so nice that made it became so special.

4,8 out of 5
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