DN (2.7.1992 / Malaysia)

The Magic Of Love

That tender look with that loving face,
Brings me to that magical place,
Beyond the heavens and stars above,
To that magical feeling that men call love,

Love is a puzzle with no special clue,
But through the mist we know ours is true,
Strong enough to withstand the wall of despair,
Healing my gaping wounds that no medicine can repair,

When our eyes lock and my heart races,
When you love me more than other faces,
When your heart liberates all that sadness,
We will both know a sparkling sort of happiness,

That magic that makes living life worth,
That magic that brings heaven on earth,
When you are scared and i become your knight,
Holding you close through the darkest night,

A simple touch gets my heart exploding,
Like ignited fireworks getting our world rocking,
The way you get my heart beating faster than a bullet train,
The way you make me forget all my sorrow and pain,

Love is the most ancient language of hearts,
Even cardiologists fail to know how it starts,
That heat and passion as mighty as the sun,
Strong enough to burn a bullet from a blazing gun,

That love shield that no emotion can defeat,
That love radar that makes me feel you in every heartbeat,
That feeling when the stars are getting closer and the sky is closing in,
Like an athlete running to a finish line just so he can win,

It’s that magic you give me to endure any form of pain,
It’s that strength you evoke enough to break any chain,
Life is a dance floor, love is the rhythm, you are the music,
When i dance and sing in ecstasy then, begins gods magic.

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Comments (7)

A wonderful romantic poem.
I enjoy this poem is an elegant work lace with rhyme n rhythm. Thanks for sharing this great poem
Lovely poem that flows like music. A joy to read.10+++
This is an awesome poem written by Daya Nandan.
So very beautifully described! ....and can be felt through your words. Magically.
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