The Magic Of Love

We sat by the window my grandmother and me
She in her rocker and I on her knee
Her shining gray hair brushed neatly on top of her head
Mine was all tousled being just out of bed
The morning sky was gray and overcast
Blackbirds on the snow below a sharp contrast
Her eyes seemed sad as she looked into mine
Her beautiful face so deeply lined
She gave me a hug no need to speak
I felt safe and secure though the day was bleak
And now as each winter comes anew
When the days become shorter and I start to feel blue
I remember my grandmother on that special day
And the sadness I felt no longer holds sway
I look down at my gold wedding band
Which once adorned my grandmother's hand
I picture her smiling down from above
And again I feel the magic of love

by Marion C. Fitzgerald

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Beautifully expressed in language well suited to the fine sentiment involved. Bill Fitzgerald