First Date

She wanted a rose so I gave her its stem
As she didn’t want me, she really wanted him
I knew those tricks as I was hurt once before
Then I swore to GOD in heaven that I would be hurt no more.

She asked me if I would buy her a brand new dress
That hurt my feelings I must confess
Her thought for the dress wasn’t only for me to see
Her ideals and thoughts, were too provoke my jealousy.

She asked me if I would take her out to eat
I thought what is her motive and who does she want to meet
So instead we stayed at home and there is where we ate
That is how we spent our evening, and our first date.

She asked me if I could pour her a glass of wine
As we both ate together and while we dined
We began to talk and she said she always wanted a daughter
So instead of wine, I poured her a glass of colored water.

Then when our date was finished I took her home
She then put on her lipstick and her hair she did comb
She smiled at me and said I was better than the other men
I then shook her hand because I won’t be seeing her again.

Randy L. McClave

by Randy McClave

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Comments (4)

What beautiful words Laura your poem was a treasure to read. cheers Sylvie
A delightful write; makes me glad that I like in New England, where one gets a smattering of all four seasons.
Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh......... It's summer and I'm now looking forward to winter! Esra Sloblock
Laura, I loved this line: Children charmed by snow's shimmering spell keep on keeping in.... gcs 2006